Adobe After Effects CC 2018

1. What is Adobe After Effects CC 2018?

Adobe After Effects CC 2018 or commonly referred to as AE – is the latest version of a suite of digital applications for processing visual effects as well as motion graphics and compositing.

After Effects is developed by Adobe Systems and is often used for image processing, creating effects in the production of filmmaking, and television video production. You see the intros on the videos of some youtube channels, it’s made with After Effects.

This is one of the famous graphics software from Adobe, in addition to software like Photoshop CC 2018, Adobe Illustrator CC 2018 helps you edit videos (post production), animations, merge songs, animations and especially create effects to make your videos come alive in a professional way. Create your own beautiful videos with the most powerful tools Adobe After Effects has to offer.

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2. Features included in Adobe After Effects CC 2018

  • Adobe After Effects CC 2018 offers amazing new tools for creative and intuitive effects, including Pixel Motion Blur, CINEMA 4D Lite Refine Edge, Advanced Camcorder Tracking Tool, VFX Anti-Shake , adds 3D objects and scenes from CINEMA 4D, allowing you to create C4D files in After Effects.
  • Use footage directly inside Effects After Effects if there is no intermediate multi-layer rendering. Change easily with automatic updates between apps, unlocking your creative possibilities while reducing your workload.
  • Character Animator: Modify puppets in Photoshop and Illustrator – changes are saved faster with improved Character Animator performance. You can also switch between Character Animator, After Effects, and Premiere Pro applications using functional dynamic linking.
  • Creative Cloud Assets: Perform backups and restores, add comments, and view version history of all your Creative Cloud resources, including files in Creative Cloud Libraries, created resources out in CC applications for desktop, and mobile projects.
  • Improved interactive text templates: You can now combine all of their songs in one file and templates for easy interactive text sharing through Premiere Pro.
    VR Editing Editor: Using a viewport window instead of working directly with 360/VR footage allows you to edit from the same view you see when the video is played back in a headset or on smartphone.
  • Immersive Titles and Graphics: Instantly format graphics, text, images, or other video clips to look exactly within 360 videos.
    Typekit: In the Typekit Marketplace store, you can buy fonts from top designers and use them in projects. Instantly sync your purchased fonts device and embed them directly into the composition.
  • Create VR environments: Automatically generate the components and camera relationships needed to create a 360/VR authoring environment for spec sheets, dynamic sequences, summaries, and more.