Promotion of Ideas Related to Biomedical Sciences


Contest Inviting Ideas Related to Biomedical Sciences

Block the Dates
th January 2020

Innovative Ideas related to the field of Biomedical Sciences are invited for ascertaining their potential, feasibility, novelty, and innovativeness. The ideas would be awarded a cash prize and an opportunity to get financial assistance & mentoring at Biomedical Hub, PGIMER, Chandigarh

Your solution should focus upon but not restricted to the following:

  • Bring Down the Cost of Healthcare Delivery
  • Point of Care Devices
  • Novel Biomedical Instruments & Device
  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning to assist clinicians
  • Ensuring Patient Safety in Rural/Remote Areas
  • Online Patient Data Management
  • Smartphone-based solutions
  • Internet-of-things IOT Based Solutions
  • Medical Apps
  • 3D Printing in Healthcare
  • Artificial Organ/Body Part
  • Out of the Box Solution for any Healthcare Need

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Logo Making Competition

Last Date for Entry: 08-January-2020; Award: INR 10,000; Award will be presented at a national conference on 15th January 2020 at PGIMER Chandigarh

Biomedical Instruments and Devices Hub (BID-Hub) is inviting entries from citizens across the country for a logo. The Designer of the finally selected Logo get a prize of Rs.10,000 and would be required to give copyright of the design to BID Hub (See Detailed T&C). The core work area of the hub includes Innovations design & development in the field of biomedical sciences and their clinical validation. An ideal logo should be innovative & should include some medical symbols, engineering component. Totally new & out of the box suggestions for the logo are also welcomed. Hub Complete Name for Reference:

Biomedical Instruments and Devices HUB 
“A Centre for Innovation, Design and Clinical Validation”

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