Medical Device Innovators can now Avail PGIMER, Chandigarh’s Clinical Expertise at BID-Hub.

When: Every Friday; 01:00 PM to 05:00 PM

Where: BID-Hub, PGIMER, Chandigarh; (Online interactions are available upon requests)

Biomedical Instruments and Devices Hub: A centre for Innovation, Design, and Clinical Validation, PGIMER, Chandigarh is excited to announce its weekly program to assist medical device innovators with their queries related to clinical use/validation of their innovations/prototypes.

The idea was incepted by Prof. GD Puri and Prof. JL Mathew, in order to overcome the industry’s biggest challenge of clinical validation of the medical devices faced by the researchers, innovators, and manufacturers regarding the end application of their devices. BID-Hub opens its door to all the budding entrepreneurs, STARTUPs to come and connect with us regarding clinical application/validation, or any other queries related to medical device development.

We are happy to connect with you every Friday from 01:00 PM to 05:00 PM at Biomedical Instruments and Devices Hub, 6016, 6th Floor, Research Block B, PGIMER, Chandigarh.

Please email your queries/requests at or contact +91-9971983112 for a quick response.

BID 3rd Workshop: Role of Clinical Validation & Calibration Testing in Bringing Medical Devices to the Markets

Friday, 23 July 2021

Biomedical Instruments and Devices Hub, PGIMER Chandigarh (BID-Hub)

BID-Hub 3rd annual workshop in the form of a virtual symposium focused on the “Role of Clinical Validation & Calibration Testing in Bringing Medical Devices to the Markets”. The invited experts Dr Rubina Bose (Deputy Drug Controller of India, CDSCO); Dr Suresh Nair (Product Innovation Guru, Founder Design Alpha and Biophoton Technologies); Mrs Rama Venugopal (Management Consultancy Expert, (Founder:Value Added Corporate Services); Prof Rajeev Ahuja (Director IIT-Ropar) shared their views on the role of Calibration Testing and Clinical Validation of medical equipment in getting approval to market. Prof. Jagat Ram, Director PGIMER, Chandigarh highlighted the importance of Innovations in the medical device industry and explained that India is well poised to achieve success in developing biomedical devices if all the stakeholders like industry, doctors, Engineers, and technicians come together at a single platform to do the much-needed brainstorming. PGI felt the need to bring them all together, and a team of doctors led by Prof. G. D. Puri and Prof. J L Mathew proposed the Department of Sciences and Technology for sanction of Biomedical Hub in 2015, resulting in a functional Biomedical Instruments and Devices Hub: A centre for Innovation, design and clinical validation in 2018.

The fully functional lab at the Hub is currently doing in-house testing of different medical equipment types already in use at PGIMER clinics. Notably, the newly procured medical devices are also being subjected to BID-Hub’s in-house calibration testing centre for their performance and safety evaluation. This practice of testing the equipment before the procurement or installation in the hospitals ensures critical analysis of the medical equipment regarding its accuracy and defined standards, thereby improving patient care at PGIMER and saving the cost.

The multidisciplinary center is facilitating device development by acting as a bridge between the engineers and clinicians. The Hub acts as a node for CRIKC institutes IIT-Ropar, IIT Mandi, Panjab University, IMTECH, IISER, CSIO, INST, etc., in the region for a diverse range of medical devices research & development. The BID-Hub Lab is a state-of-art facility with the potential to become an official medical device testing center in the northern region. The calibration testing lab at Biomedical Instruments and Devices Hub aims to make the medical devices safer by performing the calibration-testing of all medical devices. The center is equipped with the calibrated analyzers to perform most medical devices. With clinicians’ experience and expertise at PGIMER, the center is moving ahead towards becoming a certifying body for validating and testing medical devices in the coming time, thereby solving the greatest challenge of clinical validation faced by Indian Medical Devices Research and Industry.

National Conference “Promotion of Biomedical Sciences Among the Young”


A National Conference on “Promotion of Biomedical Sciences Among the Young” was concluded on the 18th of January 2020 at PGIMER, Chandigarh. Chief Guest Prof. Arvind Rajwanshi, Hon’ble Dean (A) PGIMERChandigarh, Dr Manuji Zarabi, Former CMD SCL, and Dr. Anita Agarwal, Scientist “E,” Department of Science and Technology DST, Govt. of India, inaugurated the Conference and Biomedicathon 2020 event. Over 50 participants ranging from school students to researchers to professionals presented innovative solutions towards the healthcare-related problems. “Biomedicathon 2020” focused on nurturing creativity and entrepreneurship spirit among young healthcare enthusiasts from academia and industry. “BIOMEDICATHON”, is an idea-based contest inviting novel and innovative ideas from the young minds. The event was attended by over 200 School/College Students, Researcher Scholars, and Faculty Professionals from all around the country.

The ideas were presented under three groups containing school students, researchers and college students, and faculty professionals. The objective of the innovation contest BIOMEDICATHON was to encourage young minds to think scientifically and promote research among the young. The winner for this event was two first prizes for Kostubh Singla and Ishika Wadhwa (1st), Siddhesh Kumar (2nd), Shreya Chawla and Sonakshi Verma (3rd).

For this event, a total of over 60 entries were received in three groups namely, Group ‘A,’ Group ‘B’ and Group ‘C’. This was overall, a unique opportunity for the participants to present, validate and collect feedback on their ideas. Various cash awards ranging from 5000-15000 were presented to the winning participants during the event. Also, Ideas that seemed relevant and recommended by the jury according to BID-Hub mandate shall be supported for further developments.

Prof. Arvind Rajvanshi, Dean (Academics), PGIMER shared his view about the role of a biomedical hub at PGIMER in the development and validation of biomedical instruments. Whether the advantage of CRIKC institution or the position of being one of the top medical institutions in the country, PGIMER has the expertise and now vision of adopting innovative strategies towards providing improved and efficient healthcare solutions. He further congratulated Prof. Puri and Prof. Mathew for undertaking this initiative under the shadow of PGIMER.

Dr. Anita Agarwal, Scientist ‘E’, Department of Science and Technology DST, Government of India, provided key insights on the Medical device ecosystem in India and also presented several opportunities for funding and support that is currently extended by the Government of India. She encouraged budding professionals to ‘Invent in India’ and spread her vision towards a “Healthier India.”

Prof. Joseph Mathew introduced the Biomedicathon 2020 to the participants and welcomed the participants and the dignitaries to the event.

Prof. G.D. Puri, Dean (R) informed the participants and delegates about the activities undertaken by the biomedical hub viz. testing and validation of biomedical instruments and described the innovations developed at and patented by PGIMER and are available for commercial application viz. ‘Automatic Anesthesia Delivery System’, Infusion Alarm System, among others. He also informed about the indigenously developed biomedical devices which are under clinical trial viz. , Low-cost Handheld Pupilometer, Teaching Laryngoscope, EUS Needle, and others. He shared his journey of a successful inventor, the hurdles and emphasized on the importance of encouraging the young minds and fostering a passion for innovative and creative pursuits.

Dr. Anita Agarwal from DST presented her thoughts on building science, technology and innovation capacity and capabilities in the country. She touched vital topics such as various technology development programs undertaken by DST and government of India, healthcare challenges in India, Funding and support for entrepreneurs etc.

Dr. Manuji Zarabi graced the event with his presence and shared his exhaustive experience working in the area of technology and science. He talked about AI in healthcare, and the need to encourage innovations in medical devices. He guided the young minds and stated that passion and perseverance are vital ingredients of success. 

The Biomedical hub based at PGIMER, Chandigarh, with the support of the Department of Science and Technology (DST) Govt. of India, is promoting indigenous development & validation of biomedical devices & instruments. Besides, the Hub is working to bring the promoters, the investors, Investment committee, innovators and other partners together to expedite the idea-to-product-development process. Lately, the BID-Hub has started in-house testing of biomedical instruments to ensure patient safety and to optimize the delivery of healthcare services.