Autonomous Vehicles for COVID Care “Medi-Sarathi”, “AI-Powered Trolley” by IIT Ropar and PGIMER Chandigarh

Official Launch Event Cordial Invitation

Wednesday, 8 July 2020; 03:00 PM; KAIRON BLOCK, PGIMER-CHANDIGARH

Medi-Sarathi, the autonomous vehicles for COVID care, is set for an official launch after being rigorously tested at PGIMER Chandigarh’s labs. The successful devices are a result of a collaboration among the scientist, researchers at IIT Ropar and clinicians at PGIMER. 


It is an aerial system that eliminates the infection risk to medical staff with 100% secured success in protection, security and safeguard. Some of the features of ‘Medi-Sarathi’ include complete remote access, thermal RGB cameras for human body temperature, and sanitization capability, among others.

“AI-Powered Trolley”

With the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the remote trolly can be deployed autonomously in the high-infection zone to deliver essential supplies. The critical feature of the trolly includes detection of obstruction, medical personnel movement etc. The trolly will be demonstrated at the launch event on the above-said date.

A team of researchers led by Dr Rohit Sharma, Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering of IIT Ropar and his student Dr Yashu Swami has joined hands with Dr G Rajarajan, PGIMER and Prof. G. D. Puri, Head (Anesthesia), to develop custom made autonomous vehicles as a part of assistive point-of-care technologies meant for their use in the COVID wards.

Top officials from both PGI and IIT firmly believes that undoubtedly the collaborations among technological Institutes and Clinicians, especially at a time of race against COVID-19, is fruitful and is the ‘need of the hour.’ At the launch event, the successfully developed wholly indigenous products ‘Medi-Sarathi’ and ‘AI-powered trolley’ will be demonstrated by the inventors and creators.

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